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        Harnessing Nature's Cleaning Power!

        Chemical Free, Environmentally Friendly


        Aquariums & Ponds

        Naturally occurring aquatic bacterial group, the Bacillus spp play a crucial role in nutrient recycling that results in provision of food source for other microorganisms. Their presence results in eliminating ammonia and nitrite and lower nitrate and phosphate levels from aquatic ecosystems.


        Swimming Pools

        In your swimming pool, TWC is not a substitute for Chlorine; it assists the use of chlorine to eliminate chlorinated hydrocarbons which occur in pools over time. Chlorinated hydrocarbons are extremely poisonous (eg DDT is a chlorinated hydrocarbon) and they mess with the pool's functioning system. They originate from natural oils from our bodies; that's why allowing dogs in pools makes maintaining a healthy pool extremely difficult, as dogs produce more natural oils from their skin than humans.


        Industrial & Commercial

        TWC has a wide variety of applications and can be used wherever naturally occurring bacteria and microbes are present. A few examples of industries currently using TWC are included below but please contact us for more information on how this product could work for you.


        Successful Cases

        TWC controls algae, clears water, restores water health and eliminates harmful bacteria such as e-coli and cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) through the accelerated consumption of organic waste in your water. This is easy-to- use, cost-effective solution will leave your water cleaner, clearer and healthier with no mess and fuss.


        Solomon Mine Site


        Removing the Stink


        Geraldton TAFE


        Saving Farm Water


        Golf Course Lake


        City of Mandurah


        String Algae Problem


        Cyanobacteria Bloom


        Aspen Parks & Resorts

        Any Questions About Our Products?

        What is The TWC?

        How does TWC work?

        Is TWC safe to use? Do the trace elements in TWC leach into the water?

        Does TWC prevent algae?

        How is TWC different from other products on the market used to control algae?

        When won’t TWC stop algae growth?

        Why has the algae in the pond gone from green to brown?

        How long will it take to work?

        The product does not seem to be working?

        How does TWC oxygenate surface soil?

        Is it possible to overdose TWC?

        Should I continue to use TWC after the water is clear? How often do I need to change TWC?

        Can TWC be used in saltwater aquariums?

        Can this product harm or kill fish?

        Is TWC safe for plants?

        Will sucker fish that eat algae suffer?

        The glass on the tank is dirty but the water itself is clean?

        How often should the water in the tank be changed?

        Can TWC be used with Antibiotics and Ultraviolet (UV) lighting?

        Why has the water in the tank turned a light brown color?

        What are some other applications for TWC?

        Should I use Sinking or Floating blocks?


        MEC PTY LTD has already performed similar Bio Stimulations on various bodies of water. Its technology is proven, in use in many countries and is understood by the scientific community whom are backing this technology. Curtin University is 3 years into a 4 year intensive study plan on this technology and have now combined with University of Western Australia for another four years of joint studies with Santa Ursula University in Brazil backing Curtin's current results from their own lab testing.

        Restoration of the ecosystems

        MEC PTY LTD will deliver a return to a fully naturally operating ecosystem free from Cyanobacteria.

        Clean water quality

        Clean, Healthy water will result in no smell, a return of wildlife, a return of naturally occurring fish species. An added bonus is that in summer, mosquito numbers will be greatly reduced due to the blocking of the mosquito attractant that is released in stagnant water and the consumption of Mosquito larvae by the increased fish numbers.

        Reduce mosquito population

        Through TWC process it naturally reduces mosquito larva as it encourages the natural growth of Bacillus thuringiensis which is a natural, biological enemy of mosquito larvae, which is safe for humans, animals and fish.

        Multi azimuth water purification scheme

        TWC can treat all bodies of water from a home aquarium to large river systems and can be used in conjunction with all other green technologies to provide the total green solution.

        About Us

        MEC PTY LTD, the West Australian water cleansing company has, over the last 17 years, been developing its Bio-Stimulation product called TWC. This is passive technology that is proving highly successful in using natural processes to quickly remediate polluted water.

        TWC is a prebiotic treatment that provides the critical carbon source and a habitat for beneficial bacteria and especially the probiotic bacterial species Bacillus. These assist in resetting the nitrogen cycle, resulting in the production of biological nitrate as energy for diatoms and microalgae.

        Download resources

        Ecotox Test Report
        Ecotox Test Report
        Marron Researh Paper
         Marron Researh Paper
        Project introduction
        Project introduction

        Contact Us

        Contact Info

        • Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
        • 1356xxxxxxxx
        • bella2015@foxmail.com

        Contact Form

        Sites Preview

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        Aquariums & Ponds
        Naturally occurring aquatic bacterial group, the Bacillus spp play a crucial role in nutrient recycling that results in provision of food source for other microorganisms. Their presence results in eliminating ammonia and nitrite and lower nitrate and phosphate levels from aquatic ecosystems.
        • Healthier Water
        • Improves Water Clarity
        • Eliminates odors
        • Less frequent water changes
        • Reduces filter cleanings
        • Enhances filter efficiency
        • Healthier fish and reduced infections
        • Higher stocking densities
        • Reduces toxin levels
        • Reduces Algal blooms
        • Oxygenation of surface soil
        • Reduces reactive phosphorous
        • Completely natural and environmentally friendlly
        • Although not required, it is recommended that you start with a clean pond or tank to achieve the best results.
        • For Aquariums: 1 ball treats 13 gallons / 1 block (200g) treats 265 gallons
        • For Ponds: 1 block (200g) treats 800 gallons
        • Place TWC where the water flow is greatest.
        • Where applicable, ensure that the filter inlet is no higher than 1 inch from the bottom of the tank.
        • Hang-on filters are not ideal for use with TWC. Improved results can be obtained by placing a sponge over the inlet pipe or changing to an internal sponge filter.
        • With TWC, organic material will settle on the bottom of the tank. If the filter pick-ups are situated in the middle or top of the tank, the processed waste may build up and look unsightly.
        • Where underwater plants are in pots with slow release fertilizers, the water will not be as clear.
        Swimming Pools
        In your swimming pool, TWC is not a substitute for Chlorine; it assists the use of chlorine to eliminate chlorinated hydrocarbons which occur in pools over time. Chlorinated hydrocarbons are extremely poisonous (eg DDT is a chlorinated hydrocarbon) and they mess with the pool's functioning system. They originate from natural oils from our bodies; that's why allowing dogs in pools makes maintaining a healthy pool extremely difficult, as dogs produce more natural oils from their skin than humans.
        An oil molecule attaches to two chlorine molecules to create a chlorinated hydrocarbon. TWC enhances naturally occurring Bacillus Bacteria species which produces enzymes that crack this attachment and turn the oil molecule into carbon dioxide, then releasing the chlorine molecules. This then allows your pool to function in the way it was designed.
        This natural system stabilizes chemicals within your swimming pool system as they can now function according to how they were meant to.
        You can't use flocculants with Alloys in them with TWC as these alloys kill the good bacteria growing on the block, causing the collapse of your pool system
        • Healthier Water
        • Improves water clarity
        • Reduces chemical usage
        • Reduces need for cleaning
        • Improves efficiency of pool pumps
        • Reduces pool pump run time
        • Acts as a natural flocculant
        • Completely natural, and environmentally friendly
        • Place block in skimmer box
        • Suitable for salt and fresh water pools
        • For best results water temperature needs to be under 34oC
        • If you pool is cloudy or dirty we recommend to double the dosage for the first time.
        • This product will not work with UV lights
        • DO NOT - do leave TWC block in direct sunlight when out of water as it will melt! Place the block in the shade whilst cleaning the skimmer box or vacuuming.
        • DO NOT use flocculants with TWC
        Industrial & Commercial
        TWC has a wide variety of applications and can be used wherever naturally occurring bacteria and microbes are present. A few examples of industries currently using TWC are included below but please contact us for more information on how this product could work for you.
        • Elimination of odour & Blue Green Algae Blooms
        • Natural reduction in E-Coli and Botulism
        • Increased oxygen levels in your surface soil, creating containment of soil toxins
        • Leaving; Cleaner, healthier water
        • Return of aquatic and wildlife
        • Restoration of the natural eco-system
        • Full consultation and proposals produced
        • Testing and reporting available
        • Control of string algae and algal blooms
        • Eliminates Odors
        • Improves Water Clarity
        • Restoration of natural ecosystem
        • Encourages return of native plant and wildlife
        • Oxygenation of surface soil
        • Reduces Reactive Phosphorus
        • Higher Stocking Densities
        • Reduces Toxin Levels
        • Healthier fish and Reduced Infections
        • Decreases Total Dissolved Solids
        • Reduces Chemical and Biological Oxygen Demand (COD & BOD)
        • Increase in Free Carbon Dioxide
        • Suitable for salt and fresh water
        • Reduces Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus
        • Reduces Electrical Conductivity / Total Dissolved Solids
        • Decrease in Chemical and Biological Oxygen Demand (COD & BOD)
        • Fewer pump outs
        • Eliminates Odors
        • Reduced applications of chlorine or supplemented bacteria
        • Decrease in Oil and Grease
        36 lakes suffering from Blue Green Algae and Botulism. With continuous wildlife deaths on a weekly basis TWC was implemented. Within two weeks the birds stoped dying and within 6 months their was a full recovery of the natural ecosystem. With implementation of natural fertilizers around the lakes and public awareness campaigns on what not to do, has seen this system now been naturally maintained for 5 years from only one treatment.